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Aviation Industry  Presentation Transcript

1.Aviation Industry




5.Market share of key players in the Indian aviation sector



8.Reasons For Growth Foreign Equity Allowed Low Entry Barriers Attraction of Foreign Shores Rising income levels and Demographic profile Untapped Potential of India’s tourism Glamour of the Airlines

9.Recent Trends Consolidation in Aviation Sector Number of Passengers travelling by air is on the rise For the Travelling Public , price is paramount in choosing a carrier Capacity is growing without much constraint Cost structures will continue to handicap legacy carriers Oil prices are not expected to fall Outsourcing


11.Porter's Five Force Analysis

12.Pest Analysis Political Factors – Trade relations, Licensing Economic factors – Recession, prosperity phase Social Factors – Income factor, Religions and castes Technological Factors – Usage of internet.

13.Identification of Key Success Factors

14. Future Prospects 2020 – increased capacity 280 million passengers Investment in infrastructure $30 billion. Overall investment $110 billion Introduction of 12 new greenfields

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